From free flu shots for the community every year, to charity care for those in need, to supporting the education of future nurses and doctors,
BJC HealthCare community benefit programs touch the community one life at a time.

For patients without health insurance who are facing a medical catastrophe, community benefit brings financial relief in the form of free care or reduced bills.

For teen parents who are barely more than children themselves, it brings assistance and a support system determined to "Raise St. Louis" by connecting them to the right resources to help their children get off to a bright start with a lifelong impact.

For women without access to preventive care, community benefit opens the door to life-saving mammography screening that can detect breast cancer while there is still an opportunity for timely treatment.

During 2013, BJC and its member hospitals and health service organizations provided more than $589 million in free or reduced medical care, education of health professionals, medical research funding and community outreach programs.

Community Benefit in Action
TOTAL $589 million
$301 million
Charity care at cost
$138.9 million
Unreimbursed Medicaid at cost
$100.6 million
Charity-eligible care at cost
$61.5 million
$167 million
Education of health professionals
(12,006 students)
$139 million
Medical research
$28 million
$101.4 million
Subsidized services
$96.1 million
Emergency response planning
$1.3 million
Community partnerships
$4 million
(more than 592,000 individual services)
$19.6 million