2015 Community Benefit Report
2015 Community Benefit Report

Bringing Community Benefit to Life

"I have carried this letter with me, with the intention that when I was able I would repay your kindness. I hope that these funds would perhaps help another family."  

It's not unusual to see a thank you note from a patient or family who has received help for a heavy financial burden during a time of illness or injury. But it is rare and uplifiting for someone to send a gift, as this patient did years later in hopes of helping someone else at a time of need.

"Charity care and "community benefit" can seem abstract until a personal connection brings those words to life. At BJC, community benefit means letting patients know financial relief is available if they need it. It means a pediatric transport team is waiting nearby to airlift a critically ill or injured child to lifesaving care. It means the future of health care remains bright through the ongoing education of young health professionals and investments in groundbreaking medical research. And, it means community outreach programs are in place to help individuals lead healthier lives and create safer communities.

During 2015, BJC and its hospitals and health service organizations provided more than $645 million in community benefit ranging from financial assistance to nursing education to free bike helmets for kids. 


2015 Total Community Benefit  

$645.3 MILLION
$284.8 MILLION
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Charity care: $103.8 million (at cost)
Unreimbursed Medicaid:
$116.2 million (at cost)
Charity-eligible care: $64.8 million (at cost)

$219.4 MILLION EDUCATION & RESEARCH Education of health professionals:
 $158.9 million
(18,565 students)
Medical Research: $60.5 million

$128.2 MILLION SAFETY NET SERVICES Subsidized services: $103.3 million
Emergency response planning: $1.2 million
Community partnerships: $23.7 million

$12.9 MILLION COMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAMS 529,389 individual services