2015 Community Benefit Report
2015 Community Benefit Report

financial assistance bjc community benefit report 2015

Bringing Financial Assistance to Life

Simple words straight from the heart reflect the feelings of patients and families relieved of financial burdens totaling more than $100 million in charity care during 2015. Messages of thanks came from patients across BJC, who received nearly $285 million in financial assistance ranging from free care to reduced charges to long-term payment plans, based on individual financial need.

The following excerpts bring to life how much financial assistance can mean in a time of crisis:


"Please accept this reimbursement, as your kindness those many years ago made a significant difference in the lives of my family. My daughter was critically ill and I was a singled parent, in school, trying to meet my bills. Her hospitalization, and the expenses leading up to, and following, was simply beyond my ability to pay. Your committee worked with me, and provided the financial relief and the personal dignity for me to weather this emotional, physical, spiritual and financial storm. I have carried this letter with me since then, with the intention that when I was able I would replay your kindness. I hope that these funds would perhaps help another family. The physical care we received was excellent. With your generosity, I was able to concentrate on my child's healing because you helped us fill the financial gap. Today, she is in excellent health. We both live and work in another city, and we still talk about that time of challenges. Yet, we smile as we know were so very fortunate to have received the highly professional and deeply personal care that is the tradition of St. Louis Children's Hospital."

"Words cannot describe the gratitude and heartfelt thanks we would like to express for your extraordinary generosity. You have certainly made a difficult time a little less stressful."

"I would like to sincerely thank you for the help on my recent hospital bills. I am trying to survive financially and this was such a blessing to me. God bless you for your kindness."

"Our deepest appreciation to everyone for their help. Missouri Baptist Medical Center, your employees and staff will be in our prayers always."

$284.8 MILLION
Charity care: $103.8 million (at cost)
Unreimbursed Medicaid:
$116.2 million (at cost)
Charity-eligible care: $64.8 million (at cost)

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