safety net bjc community benefit report

Safety net services

What is a health care safety net?

The safety net is a collection of specialized services that act as a resource for the entire community. Trauma centers, mental health care and highly specialized newborn intensive care services are all safety net services that are available when the need strikes, any time, any day. These services are highly specialized, intensive and must be available around the clock. They are usually provided at a financial loss to the health care organization to create a regional “safety net” for those who need such care. During 2017, BJC provided over $142 million in subsidized or unreimbursed services to ensure continued availability of these vital services in the St. Louis region and rural Missouri.

BJC made contributions during 2017 to support medical research at Washington University School of Medicine and partnered with local nonprofit organizations that share a mission to improve community health or raise funding for research. BJC event support, direct donations and in-kind donations totaled $119.2 million in 2017.

$263.7 MILLIONSubsidized services: $142.7 million
Emergency preparedness: $1.8 million
Community partnerships: $119.2 million